• Morgan Ashley finally has a chance to prove herself.

    She’s survived multiple elimination rounds, and she’s one of five finalists ready to strut her cake-baking stuff at the Holly Wood Resort & Spa as part of the Cake-Off Competition. That is, if she can make it up the mountain before the oncoming snowstorm so she isn’t disqualified as a no-show.

  • Natasha Carter dreads the holidays.

    She isn’t fit company for anyone, especially since the man she loves is missing. Owen Redd’s return is a Christmas miracle. But his disappearance negatively impacts his relationship with Tasha. How can she love a security specialist who puts himself in the line of fire?

  • Buddies know the unwritten rule...

    Duncan MacGregor is reluctant to team up with his best friend’s younger sibling to search for her missing brother, but Bethany Redd’s determination to go it alone doesn’t leave him much choice. A Security Specialist, Duncan’s worked with plenty of beautiful women, so hands off should be easy. Especially under the circumstances…

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